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adrian mocanu:
list of works


  • espejismos del alba for accordion

  • il canto della foresta for double bell trumpet and electronics

  • timpul lupilor electroacoustic installation

  • Kiovia: esplorazioni delle tenebre for large ensemble and electronics

  • fuentes y ríos fuego arderán for six instruments



  • gli otri di Eolo for six instruments

  • litanies, luttes et lamentations for fixed electronics

  • les chevaux de feu for six instruments

  • libri sibyllini for six voices



  • paisajes (in)móviles for bass clarinet, alto saxophone and accordion

  • le moire for string trio

  • la piccola fiammiferaia for piano

  • Iphigenia in Tauris for mixed choir


  • cantos babilónicos for voice and live electronics 

  • cloches tibétaines for fixed electronics 

  • el silencio se ha roto for voice and piano

  • waren wir, sind wir, werden for mezzo-soprano, cello and piano

  • con soffi tiepidi gli Zefiri accarezzavano tranquilli for fixed electronics



  • ad’un sospiro errante for mezzo-soprano and ensemble

  • metamorphoses: nychterídes for large ensemble

  • feux follets opera for three voices and ensemble

  • nocturnos: invierno en Mallorca for five singers

  • lamento de metal, rumor de alambre, voz de junco, también latido, vena for bass flute, tenor saxophone and piano

  • se la mia morte brami for orchestra


  • madrigal. no verte for soprano, flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano

  • vento che spira dalla calda terra for flute, oboe, saxophone, piano, accordion, cello and double bass

  • et ades sera l’alba II for piano 

  • ciudad sin sueño / the Brooklyn Bridge nocturne for chamber choir

  • de ellos no resta ni memoria for string quartet

  • este amoroso tormento for soprano and bass flute

  • et ades sera l’alba for flute solo

  • ecos en una cuerda for piano

  • la noche oscura del alma for French horn and piano


  • white silence for violin and cello

  • zefiro torna e di soavi accenti… for chamber choir with sound objects

  • my veins are slow oil and not wine for double bass and electronics

  • Ohio Impromptu for male voice and ensemble

  • monumento oscuro for large ensemble

  • que muero porque no muero for clarinet and electronics


  • ...nada más que el viento for bass flute, tenor saxophone, piano, violin and cello

  • stanzas in meditation for alto flute, clarinet, violin, cello and low voice 

  • ...aux lisières lointaines version for viola solo

  • sólo queda el desierto for large orchestra

  • it's a honeydew hunt for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

  • incanti for clarinet, cello and piano


  • jardins suspendus for string quartet 

  • ...aux lisières lointaines for violin solo

  • fragments de l'aube for mixed choir

  • reflections of quiet things for bass flute, bass clarinet and female voice

  • melting for clarinet, guitar, violin and piano

  • méandres for alto flute and piano

  • desolate landscapes for flute, cello and piano

  • riti for oboe and French horn


  • puppenspiel for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

  • floating pagodas and chimes on the waters of XI Hu for piano


  • ..from the poetry of Li Bai for soprano and six instruments

  • jeux for viola and piano 

  • five haiku for piano 

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